Joint Integrity Management Services

Joint Integrity Management Services plays a key role in the maintenance and improvement of process performance on plants. As a result of external factors and use, industrial facilities and their components may experience failure of material, wear and tear, flange face defects, stress and strain during their service life.

These effects are potentially dangerous and can result in unplanned downtime, which every organization works at avoiding.

Joint Integrity Management involves the use of several bolting and flange maintenance tools or equipment to ensure improvement of the performance of process pipes (flanges).
Our strategic technical alliance with leading global pipeline / production facility maintenance services companies specialized in the provision of joint integrity management services, to the global oil and gas industry.

With greater emphasis being placed on quality assurance, control and service delivery, Organizations are seeking more innovative technologies to ensure assets remain in a fit condition and their life span extended in safe, quality and cost effective manner.

  • On-Site Bolting Services – Supervision, Technicians and equipment to perform blind to blind torque and tension applications
  • Bolt Tensioning Services
  • Flange Facing Services
  • On site Machining Services
  • Online Leak Sealing Services